Critical Alignment Yoga Binnenstad

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As of March Kate is teaching at the lovely podium Oost. Great location, you can park your bike, a bus stops in front of the door (line 8) and it’s a lively friendly place to be.

Join the yoga classes on Wednesday at 19:15. A try out class is 5 euro and everybody is welcome to join and learn how to relax your body and mind and feel more balanced in your life.

Lage rugpijn, stijve schouders nek, betere houding? Dit komt allemaal aan bod, met als voordeel dat we het op de yoga manier aanpakken waardoor je niet alleen fysiek maar ook mentaal tot rust komt.


Call me or mail me for more info or 641864307.logo_bewerkt02 (1)

New year! New ideas!

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You are welcome to join Yoga classes on wednesday 19:15.

Feel free yoga classes are focused on small classes and a focus on down to earth practical relaxing yoga. I combine physiotherapy and yoga and love it!kate buyangasana


In 2017 I will be focusing on developing workshops on the Back, shoulders, relaxed being and how to relax as a parent of young children.

Looking forward to meeting you.

In 2016 Mama Yoga English Spoken

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In 2016, a grand new year i am starting Mama Yoga classes english spoken.

Focus will be on relaxing during a great and turbulent time so that you’re able to relax a bit more in your daily life and enjoy more.

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Utrecht classes inside again!

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What a beautiful summer! It’s time for work/ study and action!

To be able to deal with your daily life in relaxing way it’s nice to practice relaxing. An easy way to do so is through yoga. Whether you relax your body or mind, it all relaxes you as a whole so Yoga provides a wonderful opportunity to practice relaxing.


Relaxing often ends up at the bottom of the to do list. If I finish all my tasks then i can relax. It might be worth exploring if tasks can be done with a layer of relaxation, so that your daily life can become more relaxing.

Feel Free Yoga is a mix of no nonsense evidence based practical body knowledge a dash of NLP, fun and mainly focusing on how to let go of tension in a pragmatic way. The breath is an important tool because it is a very direct way of influencing your sense of relaxation an it can bring you back to the here and now whenever you need it.

Classes are open for beginners and I invite you to give it a go. If you love it , great, if you don’t  that’s also fine and you can find a way of relaxing which works for you.


Wilheliminapark Yoga classes

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Summer 2015!

A great time to get a good yoga practice going! Feel Free Yoga turned 8 on the 4th of July and we are celebrating with summer discounts.

There are 3 classes a week and you get 50% discount on the 2nd class in the same week and 75% discount on the 3rd class in the same week! So that’s E17,50 for 3 yoga classes.

Classes are on

  • Monday            20:00
  • Wednesday       19:30
  • Saturday          10:00

Feel Free yoga classes are small, max 7 people, fun and no nonsense and will help you to feel happier, healthier and ofcourse more relaxed.

I hope to see you soon!

Books & Yoga , a perfect Sunday

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The Sunday yoga classes at 10.15 Telingstraat 13 are a perfect oppurtunity to start your Sunday relaxed. Classes are small, a maximum of 6 people so you get lot’s of attention.


It’s in the book shop!
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Critical Alignment Yoga Utrecht

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Critical Align

ment Yoga classes are starting on wednesday the 5th of November 19:15 at Deken Roesstraat 2 in Utrecht

They are beginner classes and we have stripjes, rolletjes headstandbanks and ‘boogjes’. You are very welcome to join.

You can join the classes by investing in a month card which is 10,50 euro per class So if there are 4 classes then a month card is 42,00 euro.




Feel Free Yoga in Utrecht

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After quite an elaborate laptop crash which left me digitally crippled for a couple of months, the laptop has now been reconfigurated and the website is going to be updated more regularly.

Park yoga classes in Leiden are throughout the summer in the plantsoen park in Leiden. In september the Leiden classes will switch to a workshop format once a month. I hope to see you on a sunday 🙂

Feel Free Yoga will be shifting to Utrecht, where we are based. A new class will start in september and at the moment there are Park Yoga classes in the Griftpark on saturday morning at 10:00